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Letter to the Editor

Letter: Brian Veneziano is best choice for Hermon School Committee

by Opinion Contributor June 5, 2023

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I met Brian Veneziano a little over a year ago and was immediately impressed with his thoughtful assessment regarding local issues and with his humble and quiet demeanor. In getting to know him, I learned that he had served a full career in the Army National Guard and was deeply dedicated to continued service, this time to his community.

I also learned that his military service was as a helicopter pilot who served two deployments in Iraq, the second deployment as the commander of his unit. I did not learn this from him, but rather through mutual friends. I have since learned that he was the commander of the Maine Regional Training Institute for three years prior to retiring from the military. After his military retirement, he served as the assistant airport director at Bangor International Airport for two years. He taught school at Foxcroft Academy for a year and a half prior to becoming full-time military.

Through his work experience he developed outstanding problem-solving and communication skills, which was critical, given that people’s lives often depended on his decision-making abilities. His strong desire to serve, his education, life and work experiences and humble nature make him an outstanding candidate for the Hermon School Committee and the best choice to repair the current divide between parents and school administration. His desire for improving these areas and advancing student achievement make Veneziano the voters best choice for School Committee.

Alan Dwelley


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