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Hermon Election Results

Seemed like a long hard campaign for a small-town office but we won as a community. Local control, local decisions, Local hard work. It’s not about party politics but life style, who makes the decisions for us becomes the real question.

Tuesday night June 13th Hermon elected conservatives across the board. People with real life experience who care about where the town is going and how we will get there.

Brian Veneziano was elected to the school committee to make it two strong conservatives who care about the children, parents and teachers, not big attorneys, unions or lobbyists.

Chris Gray was elected and Ron Murphy reelected to town council both with a wealth of real-world experience and vested interest in the well being of the town of Hermon. Ability to make those decisions on balance between the needs of Hermon and the cost to the taxpayer.

Thank you to everybody who contributed time and effort toward this election.

Biggest take away was community involvement by coming out to vote. 1075 ballots were cast for a local election with nothing but the candidates on it. That is getting close to 20% turnout.

Thank You to the town of Hermon

R. Scott Jellison

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