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LD 1619 Last Senate Vote

LD 1619 the mass killing of the unborn. Similar to China’s production line abortion culture so to in Maine we will be able to have that. By changing the laws to allow more people and later term abortions the number of abortions can be increased.

More profit for those in the abortion industry because that is what it has become a billion-dollar industry. Not just health care for families.

Planned Parenthood and Mabel Wadsworth will have the ability to hire less expensive help and increase their ability to perform abortions with LD 1619.

As a result of these abortions the body parts will be available for sale in the abortion industrial complex.

My visits to Augusta were enlightening to see as a small number of people lobbied for LD 1619. The most interesting group was the (GRR) Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights. Grandmothers in favor of the termination of their grandchildren. Picture these grandmothers taking their grandchildren in for an abortion in order to save them from a life of misery. They are willing to destroy their own legacy for what?

Let’s bring this into context. With LD 1619 there will be no restriction on a reason to abort, there will be more people who can perform the abortion, in more different facilities and the remains can be sold for profit.

Explains why so few were in favor and so may opposed. Keep in mind who voted in favor of this bill. Being from Senate District 9 Joe Baldacci’s district I will be watching his vote. Who is your representative and senator and how did they vote for LD 1619. 2024 is not far off.

You can still contact your State Senator before their 2nd vote on LD 1619 for them to vote ought not pass.

R. Scott Jellison Hermon GOP

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