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This last election we as a community elected our town council members and school committee member. We now have a council made up of caring conservative people that have some understanding of business operation and a personal interest in the wellbeing of our community. Hermon GOP as an organization helped play a small part in their election process.

As an organization it can continue to have an impact on the nature and culture of our town and community we would like to see. As any community it needs continual care in order to survive and be the town, we want to live in.

Active involvement requires members of the community to step up and fill the necessary roles that keep things moving and thriving. Every community continually is changing as a result of those involved and those who are not. Not being involved impacts as much as those who are involved.

Our town council members are the gatekeepers of our town with the responsibility of overseers, protectors and policy makers. The town of Hermon has a council that they can be proud of along with the administration they work with.

By the community involvement at the ballot box, we get to take part in the formation and operation of our town. There is no such thing as nonpartisan politics. Everybody has an option and it is expressed at the ballot box.

Why give to any organization a small amount on a regular basis? Because you become a part of that organization as an affirming partner letting them know that you believe in what they are doing. Yes, when things are hopping, we need all the generous donors to get the job done and it is appreciated. It is the small donors that give regularly that give affirmation to the organization.

Right now, we have three people who have signed on to give to Hermon GOP on a monthly basis. Who else would be willing to do the same? Go to our web page at if you are interested. Click on the Donate button.

Thank You

R. Scott Jellison

Hermon GOP

Any contribution to Hermon GOP is not tax deductible.

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I have scheduled the following dates for our next meetings: December 13, January 10 and February 7 at the Town council chambers 6:30 PM each meeting. Agendas to follow.


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