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Why Hermon GOP


By Alan Dwelley

As a young college student, I guess I may have been a little idealistic, as people tend to be just starting out in life, full of high expectations, optimism and an abundance of energy. Then life experiences and living life with an awareness of what affects our daily lives began an education you cannot get from a book or classroom. Having paid attention to current events, history, and government since high school, I did not shy away from serving my community after retiring from a career in federal law enforcement. I decided if I was going to open my mouth at city council meetings I should be willing to serve my community in that capacity, which I did successfully for ten years. Ironically, it was issues similar to what our Town of Hermon has been experiencing recently, that led me to that service.

It was not my intention to get involved in local politics after my wife and I moved to Hermon

nearly eight years ago. However, if one is paying attention, the one thing that greatly affects

you, your children, your home, and property, and that you can actually have input into is your

local government. Local government can affect your quality of life, what you may or may not

do with your property, your children’s education and their ability to attain a higher education,

among myriad other ways.

So, after living in Hermon for six years and having been a conservative while in the womb, I

decided to attend a Hermon GOP Committee meeting to see what the local conservative

landscape looked like. What I found were a bunch of folks who care deeply about their

community and want it to thrive, especially given the trying times we were and continue to

experience. I found good people, welcoming people, who are respectful of all, people who

believe in the ideals that made America great, and people who value tradition. I have since

gotten to know many of them quite well. These are salt of the earth folks, committed to

Hermon and to building on a quality of life that brings new residents to our town each year.

They care deeply about their town, its people, and its future. They are people who are willing

to work hard to ensure Hermon continues on a road that ensures success for all residents.

I learned that Hermon GOP members believe the best way to ensure Hermon continues to

thrive is by getting good people elected to local office; people of good character, people with high moral values, and people who will seek common sense solutions to everyday problems and not take the easy way out. Hermon GOP members do not subscribe to the “Go along to get Along” ideology.

Politics, particularly State, and especially Federal politics, have become so partisan and divisive that the interest of the people is not being served. Local politics is largely nonpartisan because local politicians must be concerned with running the town for the good of all residents. If not, they will enjoy very short careers in representing the people. The Hermon GOP is committed to local solutions to local problems, solutions where common-sense rules the day. This was no more evident than with the recent issues within the school department. The Hermon GOP backed a commonsense solution to the library book issue. Although it took much longer than it should have, and much to the chagrin of many parents, that solution was ultimately enacted by the high school principal.

Hermon is a great place to live and work and its attraction to outsiders is no accident. It has

taken lots of hard work, planning, and good leadership to make Hermon into a place were

others want to call home; GOOD LEADERSHIP being the key. Hermon GOP is committed to

finding good leaders within the community and to the ideals that have made Hermon, Maine a great place to live. They believe in Freedom of Speech, The Second Amendment, Parental

Rights, and embrace Christian values. That is why I am proud to be a member of the Hermon GOP.

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Meeting dates

I have scheduled the following dates for our next meetings: December 13, January 10 and February 7 at the Town council chambers 6:30 PM each meeting. Agendas to follow.


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